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Helpful Hints

Begin by entering your Reward Number, and then click "Get Value." Once you have entered all the numbers you would like to use for this transaction, click "Go Shopping." You may use up to 25 Reward Cards in a single transaction.

For security purposes, the system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Simply re-enter your reward numbers(s) again to access the catalog. You may re-enter the site as many times as you wish by entering a valid reward number.

Please note that the entire value of the Reward(s) entered must be used in a single transaction. If you do NOT successfully complete an order (check-out and receive an order confirmation) then it is NOT considered a transaction. Entering reward number(s) and browsing the award catalog (without checking out) is NOT considered a transaction.

If you have not completed your transaction, you still have time to change your mind about an item placed in your Shopping Cart. Simply click the "Remove" link next to the item you want to delete. All placed orders are final.